Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Fancy a stroll? Just from here to Weymouth.

There’s a new page up at all about long distance paths in Devon. There is a full run down of the options available to you from the obvious like the South West Coast Path to the intriguing, like the Orange Way.

These paths are all well signposted and offer a range of challenges from one week to walk the Two Moors Way unto several months and 3x the height of Everest to walk the SWCP. Local Authorities and independent organisations, like the South West Coast Path Association, put a lot of time and money into creating and maintaining these paths and it is important that we support them. Often they are a great base for shorter walks but to experience them in their full glory is something that I’m sure all walkers dream about.

All of these paths appeal to me for various reasons but nothing is as big a draw as the South West Coast Path. Who hasn’t imagined what it would be like to have the time and the money to attempt this mammoth challenge in one go. Sadly for most of us we have to tackle it over weekends and over the odd week’s holiday. Quite apart from the time required the accommodation costs and logistical challenges would be extensive.

Many people undertake these challenges on behalf of a charity and raise handsome amounts for it too. Quite rightly in my opinion, although they are probably doing something they love and have had designs on for years it is certainly no walk in the park, to borrow a suitable phrase. The personal sacrifice and challenge can be great but no one who has completed such a trip has ever felt dimished by it’s undertaking and people often grow in extraordinary ways in the face of adversity.

If any of you do harbour the desire to attempt any of these paths, I urge you to create every opportunity you can to achieve you aim. You will not regret it and will be elevated among your peers as a doer instead of a dreamer. Go forth & walk!

Of course for those with more modest desires there are still plenty of great Devon Walks that take only a couple of hours to be found on the site.

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