Wednesday, 14 October 2009

You can tell by the way I use my walk, I'm a Mid Devon man...

no time to talk! But I do have time to tell you about the new walk around Witheridge up now on the

site. This circular walk in Devon  makes use of the long distance two moors way path and is a lovely route across some of the lushest countryside devon has to offer.

Sandwiched between Exmoor and Dartmoor this area of Mid-Devon is often ignored by the casual
visitor but the beautiful pillowy landscape is well worth exploring. Wooded valleys shade gentle
meandering rivers whilst undulating hills offer rich pastureland.

Many of the farms which bring life to the countryside here are listed in the Doomsday book. Although the area was sparesly populated at the time. In fact the middle ages were tough in the moorland fringes in Devon and compared to the rest of the country the area was well behind in
agricultural technology. Many of the basic comforts the population were enjoying elsewhere in the
country were absent in Devon for another 100 years.

The harsh aspect of the village is what inspired it's name- 'Weather Ridge'. It's exposed hillside
position means that it catchs the full brunt of prevailing southwesterly winds and storms. And
certainly this isn't a walk to be attempted in poor weather. Conversely on a clear day you are
treated to some of the most appealing vistas in Devon with views out towards Dartmoor being
especially enchanting.

The area is rich in wildlife too. In particular the Little Dart is home to the elusive otter, as
pictured on (above). Part of this walk does follow along the river
bank although I do not know if it is an area where otter have been sited. Unfortunately I do not have the wildlife enthusiasts temperament, lacking the patience to sit for the amount of time required to see these animals.

If you do attempt this walk please take the time to explore the area further and it really is one of the most unspoilt areas of the county. And of course, for more great ideas for walking in Devon head to!

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