Thursday, 19 November 2009

Walking in Devon- Weather Caution!

With the current bad weather I just wanted to remind walkers to be careful as conditions are likly to be difficult at present. Last week saw Devon & Cornwall take the brunt of the Atlantic's fury as storms battered the region.

At the current time walking in Devon could prove to be a challenge and walkers should check weather conditions beofre they go out and be prepared to abandon their walk if the weather turns against them.

The recent heavy rains will have seen river levels rise. On the moors clapper bridges and other river crossings may no longer be usable. Please do not attempt to cross a fast flowing river if the crossing is submerged. If you are out in heavy rain it is also possible that you could meet a flash flood as river levels can rise suddenly.

Ground conditions are likely to be poor, in some areas there may be an increased risk of a slip or fall due to wet or unstable ground.

Coastline walks may also be difficult. High winds or blustery conditions may make some routes unpassable. It is always better to turn back than to risk losing your footing due to a sudden wind.

As always a healthy dose of common sense will keep you safe and allow you to continue enjoying devon walks.

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