Friday, 29 January 2010

South Devon Walkers Festival

A new page on walking in south devon has gone live at the site with details on the South Devon Walking Festival. Although the dates have been released this years programme has not been announced. Following last year's success we are all eager to see what new treats the organisers have in store for us. 

Walking in South Devon is a real treat and the enchanting blend of countryside and seaside offers many great oppourtunites. In many cases being able to walk out from the seaside towns and away from the crowds provides an enjoable contrast of the two sides to this county's nature. 

With great transport links and easy access to Dartmoor there is a great deal of paths to satisfy the rambler. Newton Abbot, Brixham, Paighton & Torquay all offer lovely walkatunities. Plymouth, the regions largest conurbation is a little harder to set out on a walk from as you have to trapse out through the suburbs. However an urban walk taking in highlights such as the Ho is well worth undertaking as there is much to uncover in the city. 

This cluster of seaside towns makes traversing this stretch of the SWCP very easy in terms of sourcing accommodation. Although you should avoid peak season as prices invariably rise at this time.

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Thursday, 28 January 2010

A quick Tour of the Tors

It comes in fits and starts as they say. That's right, another new Devon walk is up at the site. This one is a short walk to a couple of easily reached dors on Dartmoor. This is a great walk for the family who can have fun scrambling over the rocks and tramping over the moorland. 

The natural beauty of the tors is a result of the slow process of weathering that is constantly in action. Dartmoor is a huge expanse of exposed granite. At 368 square miles it is the largest expanse of granite in the UK.

The creation of the Tors started in prehistoric times when the rock was still buried beneath vegetation. Water seeping down into the ground ran along natural cracks and fissures in the rock, eroding them so they became more pronunced. During the ice age freeze-thaw action accelerated this process. Water would freeze and to ice in the cracks and expand as a result, forcing the cracks a little wider and letting in more water. Once the rock was exposed the softer rock around what is now the tors was eroded to dust and what we are left with are the Tors.

After that horrifying, confusing and inaccurate geology lesson you'd probably be glad to get out for a walk on Dartmoor! 

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Wednesday, 27 January 2010

New Walk - Westward Ho

A new walk in North Devon has gone up at today. Starting at Westward Ho this walk takes you along the south west coast path around Kipling Tors. This area is named after Rudyard Kipling who took great delight in explore the countryside of the area. 

If you are completing this walk in the summer, it is well worth taking the chance to pop down onto the smooth round boulders of the beach here to indulge in a spot of rock pooling. At low tide the pools here are filled with a huge variety of life including vibrant pink anenomes, hermit crabs and many shrimps. The 'star' attraction is the small soft starfish that can be found on the side of smooth pebbles. As usual with rock pooling please take care to replace rocks and animals where you found them and do not keep anything you collect in a bucket for too long as they can over heat and be starved of oxygen. Also take care of the tides yourself and do not get cut off. 

As the walk heads inland you walk along a quiet country lane which offers excellent views towards Saunton, where the hedges allow! 

Once back at Westward Ho be sure to stop for a famous Hockings ce Cream. They only do vanilla but it is a gold medal winning ice cream that is far more sumptuous than anything you can buy in a shop. Enjoy either as a '99' or as an 'oyster'. For true luxury ask for a dollop of clotted cream on the side. 

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Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Broadsands to Brixham

Having been left fallow over the christmas period the site doesn't know what's hit it with two new walks in as many days!

Today I have posted another great South Devon walk, this time taking you from Broadsands along to brixham Quay and back. This is a particular favourite walk of mine not only for the fantastic coastal scenery but also for the charming combination of coast and town.

Once at Brixham I am always tempted to visit the Golden Hind replica that works as a visitor attraction in Brixham. Even though I have been before I can't help but want to explore this intruiging story again. This ship is a perfect replica of the vessel that Sir Francis Drake used to circumnavigate the world in the late 1500s. I find a visit to this ship takes me back to an older age. One where walking was a primary mode of trnasport and towns over a days walk away were seldom visited. To imagine a ship travelling completely around the globe would have been inconcievable. In fact to imagine the world as a sphere was still a realativly new idea!

Coming across a poorly maintained stile or overgrown hedgerow access can make you feel like an intrepid explorer but away from the walking world, those with good sea legs were the true explorers of the day and a visit to the Golden Hind helps bring all that to life.

Once you have visited the Hind you still have the return journey to enjoy and walking back up the hill you may wish you had your own ship to help convey you round the coast to the car park!

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Monday, 11 January 2010

New Walk - Kingswear Coast Walk

Hello! Long time no speak. Happy New Year and all that. Hope you got that new pair of walking boots you wanted for Christmas!

To get the New Year off to a great start why not enjoy this lovely South Devon walk. Although I've called it Kingswear, it is actually exploring the coastline just south of Kingswear which is owned and managed by the National Trust.

Take care if you are thinking of heading out to do this walk in the current weather. The paths are still likely to be icy and the coast path is well exposed in several places where a fall would be serious and potentially fatal. Don't let that put you off though! In normal weather conditions this is an excellent walk offering some excellent views along the coast.

I hope you are all keeping safe and warm at the moment. The snow was lovely and walking across the fields enjoying the undisturbed snow was magic. I'm sure lots of great photos have been captured of Devon under it's white blanket. However now that it has turned to ice it has made going for a walk an extreme sport. I don't fancy another hip replacement so I haven't been out that much. Still the walking poles have come into their own recently.

On the plus side it has given me time to add this walk to the site. Please have a look and take the chance to enjoy any of my great devon walks.