Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Broadsands to Brixham

Having been left fallow over the christmas period the site doesn't know what's hit it with two new walks in as many days!

Today I have posted another great South Devon walk, this time taking you from Broadsands along to brixham Quay and back. This is a particular favourite walk of mine not only for the fantastic coastal scenery but also for the charming combination of coast and town.

Once at Brixham I am always tempted to visit the Golden Hind replica that works as a visitor attraction in Brixham. Even though I have been before I can't help but want to explore this intruiging story again. This ship is a perfect replica of the vessel that Sir Francis Drake used to circumnavigate the world in the late 1500s. I find a visit to this ship takes me back to an older age. One where walking was a primary mode of trnasport and towns over a days walk away were seldom visited. To imagine a ship travelling completely around the globe would have been inconcievable. In fact to imagine the world as a sphere was still a realativly new idea!

Coming across a poorly maintained stile or overgrown hedgerow access can make you feel like an intrepid explorer but away from the walking world, those with good sea legs were the true explorers of the day and a visit to the Golden Hind helps bring all that to life.

Once you have visited the Hind you still have the return journey to enjoy and walking back up the hill you may wish you had your own ship to help convey you round the coast to the car park!

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