Monday, 11 January 2010

New Walk - Kingswear Coast Walk

Hello! Long time no speak. Happy New Year and all that. Hope you got that new pair of walking boots you wanted for Christmas!

To get the New Year off to a great start why not enjoy this lovely South Devon walk. Although I've called it Kingswear, it is actually exploring the coastline just south of Kingswear which is owned and managed by the National Trust.

Take care if you are thinking of heading out to do this walk in the current weather. The paths are still likely to be icy and the coast path is well exposed in several places where a fall would be serious and potentially fatal. Don't let that put you off though! In normal weather conditions this is an excellent walk offering some excellent views along the coast.

I hope you are all keeping safe and warm at the moment. The snow was lovely and walking across the fields enjoying the undisturbed snow was magic. I'm sure lots of great photos have been captured of Devon under it's white blanket. However now that it has turned to ice it has made going for a walk an extreme sport. I don't fancy another hip replacement so I haven't been out that much. Still the walking poles have come into their own recently.

On the plus side it has given me time to add this walk to the site. Please have a look and take the chance to enjoy any of my great devon walks.

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