Wednesday, 27 January 2010

New Walk - Westward Ho

A new walk in North Devon has gone up at today. Starting at Westward Ho this walk takes you along the south west coast path around Kipling Tors. This area is named after Rudyard Kipling who took great delight in explore the countryside of the area. 

If you are completing this walk in the summer, it is well worth taking the chance to pop down onto the smooth round boulders of the beach here to indulge in a spot of rock pooling. At low tide the pools here are filled with a huge variety of life including vibrant pink anenomes, hermit crabs and many shrimps. The 'star' attraction is the small soft starfish that can be found on the side of smooth pebbles. As usual with rock pooling please take care to replace rocks and animals where you found them and do not keep anything you collect in a bucket for too long as they can over heat and be starved of oxygen. Also take care of the tides yourself and do not get cut off. 

As the walk heads inland you walk along a quiet country lane which offers excellent views towards Saunton, where the hedges allow! 

Once back at Westward Ho be sure to stop for a famous Hockings ce Cream. They only do vanilla but it is a gold medal winning ice cream that is far more sumptuous than anything you can buy in a shop. Enjoy either as a '99' or as an 'oyster'. For true luxury ask for a dollop of clotted cream on the side. 

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