Thursday, 28 January 2010

A quick Tour of the Tors

It comes in fits and starts as they say. That's right, another new Devon walk is up at the site. This one is a short walk to a couple of easily reached dors on Dartmoor. This is a great walk for the family who can have fun scrambling over the rocks and tramping over the moorland. 

The natural beauty of the tors is a result of the slow process of weathering that is constantly in action. Dartmoor is a huge expanse of exposed granite. At 368 square miles it is the largest expanse of granite in the UK.

The creation of the Tors started in prehistoric times when the rock was still buried beneath vegetation. Water seeping down into the ground ran along natural cracks and fissures in the rock, eroding them so they became more pronunced. During the ice age freeze-thaw action accelerated this process. Water would freeze and to ice in the cracks and expand as a result, forcing the cracks a little wider and letting in more water. Once the rock was exposed the softer rock around what is now the tors was eroded to dust and what we are left with are the Tors.

After that horrifying, confusing and inaccurate geology lesson you'd probably be glad to get out for a walk on Dartmoor! 

For other ideas on walking in Devon please visit the site!

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