Friday, 29 January 2010

South Devon Walkers Festival

A new page on walking in south devon has gone live at the site with details on the South Devon Walking Festival. Although the dates have been released this years programme has not been announced. Following last year's success we are all eager to see what new treats the organisers have in store for us. 

Walking in South Devon is a real treat and the enchanting blend of countryside and seaside offers many great oppourtunites. In many cases being able to walk out from the seaside towns and away from the crowds provides an enjoable contrast of the two sides to this county's nature. 

With great transport links and easy access to Dartmoor there is a great deal of paths to satisfy the rambler. Newton Abbot, Brixham, Paighton & Torquay all offer lovely walkatunities. Plymouth, the regions largest conurbation is a little harder to set out on a walk from as you have to trapse out through the suburbs. However an urban walk taking in highlights such as the Ho is well worth undertaking as there is much to uncover in the city. 

This cluster of seaside towns makes traversing this stretch of the SWCP very easy in terms of sourcing accommodation. Although you should avoid peak season as prices invariably rise at this time.

For ideas on walking in Devon, visit the site!

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