Tuesday, 2 February 2010

The Lost Village of Exmoor - Found!

Insipred by an article on the BBC website about a local historian's quest to uncover more information on the Lost Village of Clicket, we decided to set out and see if we could find it for ourselves, and we did! In fact it was surprisingly easy but is such a lovely walk I wanted to share it with you. However as Clicket is in Somerset I couldn't post it on the main Devon Walks site so am taking a small liberty with the blog to post it here!

The village was abandoned in 1891 and it seems as if the inhabitants made a mutual decision to leave for reasons unknown. To help keep the village still a bit lost my directions are going to be deliberately vague...

We parked in a small village to the north of Clicket. Parking here is limited so please be considerate to local residents. From here head south and you will soon find the footpath to Clicket. We were lucky that there had been some snow overnight and walking through the woods and fields in the snow was absolutly wonderful.

After not too long we came to the footbridge into the village. Here we found some buildings on the route out to the Quarry before heading over the footbridge into the main part of the village. There are the remains of two or three buildings here and it is very interesting exploring their layout and surmising what life may have been like for the inhabitants.We left this area and continued uphill and came to a larger property with a magnificent fireplace.

From here it was a simply walk over the common to return to our car, stopping off at the village pub for a drink first of course.

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