Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Beer Coast Walk

The latest walk up at the Devon Walks site is a short coastal walk starting from the town of Beer.

A shorter walk this is an ideal route for a sunny summer day to combine with time spent exploring the village or on the beach. The walk also returns to Beer via the entrance to Pecorama and the beer Light Railway, this is a great attraction and well worth stopping in for.

Beer is a very picturesque village with a strong fishing, and smuggling, heritage. In addition, the village has been sustained by the Quarry caves that have been in use as since roman times. The caves were only abandoned in the early 20th Century. The great caverns left behind are now open to the public, which offer a trip into history as well as into the Earth.

This walk also takes in the Hooken Landslide. This occurred around 1789 and was caused by the water draining through the porous chalk and greensands of the cliffs being held at the clay like rock below. Here the water is forced sideways causing instability the result of which is the dramatic slippage. At the time crab pots that had been set out at sea in 10 feet of water were found the next day 15 feet above the water due to a ridge in the seabed being pushed up by the movement.

This whole area is part of the Jurassic coast and is world renowned for its fossils. The landslip here exposed many sections of rock, which are still inspected by eager fossil hunters. As you head along the coast path, keep an eye out for the odd stray dino leg!

I hope you all enjoy this route that reminds me how scenic it is to go walking in South Devon

Image remixed with permission from http://www.geograph.org.uk/photo/932052

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