Friday, 5 March 2010

A Trip to Hay Tor

Hay Tor is perhaps my favourite location on Dartmoor and home to some of the best Devon walks. The long views and range of interesting walks available from the starting location are what makes it so great to me. And who can resist taking the scramble up the roughly hewn steps to enjoy the view from the top of the tor.

Because of this I decided that a grey and windy February weekend was the ideal time to pack up a rucksack and go and enjoy a picnic at the tor followed by a walk out across the moor.

Arriving at the main car park the visitor centre was open and the many cars suggested that I wasn't the only one who fancied a yomp across the moor. It didn't feel too cold in the car park but once the boots were donned and we'd left the shelter of the low scrubby trees that back onto the car park it was clear that there was plenty of bite to the wind.

We headed up towards the tor and took shelter on it's lee side to enjoy our thick cut sandwiches and chocolate muffins. Having got a bit cold stopping to eat we headed off across the moor at pace to Smallcombe rocks passing one of the old quarries and the granite tramway that used to serve it. The small pond behind the tor was completely frozen over and with that wind showed no sign of thawing any time soon.

We returned to the car park via the tramway, marvelling at the craftsmanship of hewing the rough stone into tram tracks. We also enjoy the company of several Dartmoor ponies who set off at a graceful canter when one of their number was disturbed by a light aircraft.
It's moments such as these that remind you what makes walking in Devon such a special experience.

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