Monday, 28 November 2011

Across the Field

Long time no post! And isn't that true of so many blogs on the Internet. We all start out full of excitement and with the best of intentions but it soon falls away as day to day life takes over and we find we have little time to commit our thoughts to the interwebs. 

Anyway, I'm back but with no promises of regular blog updates, I just wanted to relay this one small anecdote that happened over the weekend. 

We set out from our house for a walk, which is not something that we do too often so to walk locally was a novel idea.

We headed round the back of the town and up onto a large field. Following the footpath we soon came to a metal gate behind which was a large horse and the footpath should have continued past the horse along the field boundary. No problem we thought, we can befriend the horse and make our way across the field with no problems. However once we got to the gate we could see that the horse had jumped over an electric fence and was now occupying the full width of the footpath between the field edge and the electric fence. Well, not wishing to startle the horse onto the fence and with no way to shoo it back down the path to a wider area where we may pass it we were forced to turn around and head off further along the field on a separate footpath. Little did we know we had embarked on a path of great length and difficultly. It took us well over an hour to eventually come to the end of the path where it bisected the road. 

Although we enjoyed the walk that poor horse had caused us to undertake a 4 mile diversion from our route. Remember you can always have an adventure, even close to home!

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